He’s Not a Librarian; He’s a Very Naughty Boy!

Attended the ‘get your eResources used more’ meeting at Stockton on Tees Central Library on Tuesday. This has been a bit of a revelation to me; here’s why:

I’ve been eResources and eLearning Support at a College library for around 4 months now, coming to it cold as a temp initially and from an IAG/IT background. I’ve been to several conferences and training courses which have all largely dealt with IT in a pedagogic setting and I get it; I’m already the converted; probably why I got the job; I haven’t branded myself ‘nearlyVirtual’ by accident.Neural network

And in all this development, (which has been engaging, interesting and instructive)  there’s been a bit of me thinking: “Weeeell yes…but?”

Spot the question there? I’m not sure I was even very consciously aware of that ‘but?’ It’s been sat unfulfilled in my head, awaiting input from the right external stimulus to be able to synthesise itself into an idea.

Tuesday I met other Librarians and talked about how to get people to do more than google .

There, I said it: “Other Librarians.”

Since starting this job my title has been variously (and I admit I’ve not been paying close attention); ‘Temp’, ‘Learning Support’, ‘Information Technology Support’, ‘eResources Support’, ‘eLearning’ and ‘Moodle Ninja’.

I don’t work in a Library. It’s a Learning Resources Centre. To listen to my colleagues, the College Library Service has been reinventing itself so much over the last few years Kylie Minogue has been taking notes.


Kylie Yesterday: Taking Notes.

The digital revolution happened last century, now we are in a period of development, assimilation and evolution.

All this new technology is disruptive and but it doesn’t change the nature of the job significantly; just the tools we have to do it with.

So say it loud and say it proud: I am Librarian! Hear me Roar!

Pst…. I suspect I’m actually Shambrarian but don’t tell anyone.